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Kybella is a ground-breaking therapy that allows you to eliminate stubborn fat and double chins permanently! It is often referred to as the “Mini-Liposuction in a Syringe.” That says it all!

Kybella is a non-surgical, FDA-approved therapy that uses a proprietary formulation to treat stubborn fat deposits in the body. My Face Lady’s technique for fat reduction is different from that of other doctors, who may prescribe liposuction procedures. We precisely inject the medication where you want your fat to go away permanently using this targeted approach! Kybella is a perfect solution for people dissatisfied with back rolls, love handles, or even those annoying underarm jiggles that we all hate! Kybella destroys fat cells, allowing you to target hard-to-target pockets of fat in specific parts of the body.


Kybella is a fat-dissolving therapy that destroys fat cells and prevents them from accumulating more fat. It helps to destroy cell membranes and removes lipids after it is absorbed into the body.
The first part is the numbing treatment, which generally lasts about five minutes. After the area has been numbed, it usually takes approximately 15 and 20 minutes to finish the injections.
You should see a difference after about four to six weeks. The best outcomes are usually seen approximately eight weeks after completing your recommended series of Kybella injections.
Kybella injections are typically given about every eight weeks, and we usually recommend two to four treatments. Since each person’s needs are different, one of our licensed clinicians will assist you in determining how many treatments it could take to achieve your goals.
Yes, they are! Kybella injections can eliminate fat cells permanently from your body, leaving no room for new fat to accumulate.
When you get rid of the fatty cells, they don’t grow back. As a result, Kybella injections are effective in permanently removing fat cells.

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