Is Kybella The Best Cosmetic Procedure Available To Get Rid Of Your Double Chin?


The double chin has become the common problem both men and women encounter as various factors contribute, including genetics, aging, and weight gain. Despite diet and exercise, many people are still having issues with the fullness of this area, although they are not overweight. That said, Kybella injectable technique can help target those fats beneath the chin. 

This non-invasive treatment uses a series of deoxycholic acid injections to target the fat cells in the chin area. As the only FDA-approved injectable, Kybella helps treat the appearance of a double chin, with no incisions and minimal downtime in most cases.

How Does Kybella Work?

Kybella consists of deoxycholic acid, a bile acid naturally produced by the body to help absorb fat. The injections in Kybella use a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid and must only be performed by a healthcare professional since deoxycholic acid can kill other cells in the process. Moreover, the acid destroys fat cells beneath the chin area to not store fat anymore once injected. 

Before the procedure, the healthcare provider will mark the injection sites with a marker following the application of a topical numbing agent or ice pack to ease any pain or discomfort. Typically, the number of injections used under the chin ranges from 20 to 30 and could be up to 50 injections. The acid used then works gradually to kill fat cells, which the body metabolizes over the following weeks.

Also, the suggested number of treatment sessions may vary for each person. In most cases, multiple treatments might be needed to reach optimal results. One person can receive up to six Kybella treatments at least one month between each session.

What Are The Benefits Of Kybella?

Here is the list of benefits that Kybella offers:

  • It is a non-invasive procedure.
  • It is painless.
  • The treatment can be carried out without any anesthesia.
  • It does not involve the risk of scars like other traditional surgical procedures.
  • No downtime is required.
  • It does not require a long and challenging recovery period.
  • No risk of infection is associated.

Who Can Receive A Kybella Treatment?

Since Kybella is a safe and effective injection for most people, the ideal candidates are:

  • Above 18 years old
  • In good health
  • Those with a moderate amount of under-chin fat
  • Have a desire to avoid surgical procedure
  • Have seen no results from diet or exercise

On the other hand, this treatment is not recommended for use in pregnant women or anybody with a history of keloids. Aside from these concerns, most people who have fat in their submental area can be treated with this injection.

What To Expect With Kybella?

Kybella is a non-surgical procedure; hence it only needs little preparation. Once qualified as a good candidate, the patient can immediately schedule the first treatment session. The Kybella’s content, deoxycholic acid, works so well to permanently remove the double chin since this is a type of bile acid that the body already makes specifically to absorb fat. 

Since its acid version is synthetic, and once it’s injected, it immediately gets to work, helping kill the fat cells in the chin area. Once fat cells are destroyed, the body naturally absorbs and expels them in the days and weeks following the injections. The good news is it’s gone for good once this fat is removed from the body.

To reiterate, it is crucial only to let a highly experienced expert in Kybella injections perform this treatment. As indicated, deoxycholic acid is very good at killing fat and other cells, so only experts can ensure that the results are flawless. Immediately before the procedure, the provider will mark the sites for injection and apply a numbing agent to help with any discomfort, with injections from twenty to fifty.

What Are Its Possible Risks And Side Effects?

Although Kybella is non-surgical, some people might experience common side effects that include bruising, swelling, pain, numbness, and redness. In most cases, Kybella’s recovery process is only minimal, and downtime may vary per person. Typically, these minor side effects subside around one to two weeks.

On the other hand, serious side effects may occur, such as facial muscle weakness, trouble swallowing, an uneven smile, or nerve injury in the jaw. In this case, any post-treatment discomfort should be discussed with the healthcare provider. If these severe side effects happen, it is best to contact the healthcare provider immediately.

What Is The Recovery Time After Kybella Treatment?

There is only minimal recovery time required after the treatment. General anesthesia is not subjected to the patient since this is an injection and not a surgery. So, there is also less risk of complications occurring than the surgical options. 

Since Kybella includes a lower risk of infection, no bandages are required when healing after Kybella treatment. Within two to three days, the body should completely heal post-treatment.

Also, Kybella is an option to discuss before considering liposuction. Keep in mind that Kybella is intended for healthy individuals who exercise. The consultation will help determine the best treatment option in effectively getting rid of the double chin.

Remember that in clinical trials, there were some rare complications from Kybella. For example, about one in fifty patients will experience some weakness in the face muscles or some difficulty swallowing. However, these effects should resolve within three days of treatment

Final Thoughts

Kybella is a groundbreaking therapy that permanently eliminates double chins and those stubborn fats, often referred to as the “Mini-Liposuction in a Syringe.” My Face Lady offers this FDA-approved treatment, which uses a proprietary formulation to treat stubborn body fat deposits.

My Face Lady’s technique to reduce fats is different from that of other doctors, who may prescribe liposuction procedures. Using this targeted approach, they will precisely inject the medication where you want your fat to go away permanently. Ultimately, Kybella is a perfect solution for those who are not satisfied and hate their love handles, back rolls, or even those annoying underarm jiggles since it helps destroy fat cells in those challenging parts of the body.

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